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I'm sure there are more examples out there as indeed on "Songs I Sang for Elvis " Shaun managed to put together an Album tributing some 20 songs that Elvis liked him to sing for him.On average at most of Elvis's 1977 show Elvis would perform 20 songs with rarely more than 1 song either side of this number.As Elvis Presley put down the phone having taken a call from President Jimmy Carter, he was well pleased-and Elvis had a right to be.He'd just put on one of his best ever shows (indeed whole tour) and things looked much better for 1977, than at the start of 1976.

in Savannah Charlotte-first show) Then in West Palm Beach, St Petersburg and Montgomery (all partially 'Boot' released shows) the 'Rainfall Suit', then in Johnson City the King of Spades Suit.

Why had the press only just picked up on this - as early as 1969 Elvis would request the words to songs or not quite finish them - haven't they seen That's the way it is and Elvis read words to POLK SALAD ANNIE 'on stage'??

Especially noticeable in ALL 1977 shows is the extreme care Elvis takes in his delivery of the song 'You Gave Me a Mountain' as each syllable in each word is perfectly phrased.

CD 1: I Will Be Home Again with Charlie Hodge (live, April 4, 1960) Its Nice To Go Travelling with Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Joey Bishop & Sammy Davis jr.

Love Me Tender/Witchcraft with Frank Sinatra "Timex TV Show" Let Yourself Go with The Blossoms (NBC TV Special) The Impossible Dream with Armond Morales (live, January 28, 1971) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face with Ginger Holladay (live, March 15, 1971) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face with Temple Riser (studio, May 21, 1971) Help Me with Sherrill Nielsen (live, December 12, 1973) Spanish Eyes with Sherrill Nielsen (live, December 16, 1973) Why Me Lord with J. Sumner (live, March 20, 1974) Brining It Back with Voice and Elvis singing bass Aubrey with Voice and Elvis singing bass (live, September 2, 1974) Hawaiian Wedding Song with Kathy Westmoreland (live, September 2, 1974) Softly As I Leave You with Sherrill Nielsen (live, December 13, 1975 M. " How Would You Like To Be with Vicki Tiu "It Happened At The Worlds Fair" Happy Ending with Joan O'Brien "It Happened At The Worlds Fair" Mexico with Larry Domasin "Fun In Acapulco" Today Tomorrow And Forever with Ann-Margret "Viva Las Vegas" Youre The Boss with Ann-Margret "Viva Las Vegas" The Lady Loves Me with Ann-Margret "Viva Las Vegas" Spring Fever with Shelley Fabares "Girl Happy" Frankie And Johnny with Eileen Wilson and Ray Walker "Frankie And Johnny" Petunia The Gardeners Daughter with Eileen Wilson "Frankie And Johnny" Look Out Broadway with Eileen Wilson and Ray Walker "Frankie And Johnny" Scratch My Back with Marianne Hill "Paradise Hawaiian Style" Datin with Donna Butterworth "Paradise Hawaiian Style" Queenie Wahines Papaya with Donna Butterworth "Paradise Hawaiian Style" Yoga Is As Yoga Does with Elsa Lanchaster "Easy Come, Easy Go" Who Need Money with Ray Walker "Clambake" Confidence with kids "Clambake" There Aint Nothing Like A Song with Nancy Sinatra -"Speedway" Signs Of The Zodiac with Marilyn Mason "The Trouble With Girls" Press note: This compilation contain every duet Elvis recorded during his career through studio, movie, home and live recordings.

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