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All six of Jane Austen’s completed novels were published during this period, making them archetypal Regency romances.

But they were not wholly written during the nine years of the Regency and although Jane died before the Regency had expired, her books lived on.

The Regency was not the era of arranged marriagfes, unless these pertained to members of the Royal Family.

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As a young man, George IV was a handsome and personable figure, described as “the first gentleman of England”.

The Regency is associated with a style of architecture, furniture and design that spans more than a single decade.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica describes Regency style as the “decorative arts produced during the Regency of George, Prince of Wales, and the opening years of the 19th century as well as his entire reign as King George IV of England, ending in 1830”.

A title holder could (but rarely did) marry beneath him. Younger aristocratic sons, however, could be cut off completely if they married a woman from the lower classes.

In 1812 the lecherous 42-year-old Lord Berwick married the 15-year-old courtesan who was sister to the famed courtesan Harriette Wilson. Genteel young ladies almost never engaged in premarital sex.

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